Watch this space! (maybe…) Digital cameras have shaken me out of my stills-stupor with their High Definition video/filmic capability. Wow. More hardware. Yippee! 🙂

Currently, my digital HD setup is based on an A cam and B cam configuration. Two Sony A57s are configured for digital HD cinematography. One is mounted to a 15mm shoulder/tripod rail system, that includes a Zoom H4N digital audio recorder, Rode NT2 shotgun microphone, wireless microphone system, 5.5in video monitor and removable LCD viewfinder shroud. This setup is basically a tripod based A camera system that can also be shoulder-carried as the situation demands. A second Sony A57 is used variously as a B camera on a tripod, Advanced Digital 6/9ft jib crane with a 9in video monitor, Konova slider, mini-stabilizer or a backpack style “steadicam”, or in a Tank II cage.

Additional audio is captured on a Tascam 60D digital recorder through an Audio Technica AT897 shotgun mic on a 16ft (extendable) boom pole, or via a variety of fixed microphones, both cabled and wireless.

HD video is processed on either Power Director 14 or Sony Vegas Pro 12 non-linear editing software. Audio is processed primarily in SoundForge 10 or 11, or Audacity.


Been working on the production side of the cinematography corner of Ephemeral/Photo. There are two developing areas: the production company, Studio Ephemerata, and the video companion to Ephemeral/Photo, Ephemeral/Studio. (Don’t look for content at Ephemeral/Studio – there isn’t any yet:)
Studio Ephemerata has had more of my time. As the project page will show, I have a fledgling short production in development, still in the writing stage, entitledBeneath The Surface. No release date yet, and no comment to make yet on the story, other than to say, at the moment, it’s “dark”.